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A touch of magic by ALS Québec ✨🎄

The end of ALS Awareness Month is fast approaching and we believe it is important to share with you why participating in ALS Quebec's various fundraisers is so important to us. 🧡💙

Having a loved one diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is one of the most difficult challenges in life. This is the most difficult test that one of our cofounders has faced in her life. The roller coaster of emotions between the success of a business and the illness of a loved one makes you realize how much you have to live in the present moment and cherish every moment of happiness.

One thing is certain, it is that in these most demanding times, there are organizations such as ALS Québec which offer valuable support to those affected and help to alleviate their suffering, and we do not realize to what extent it is necessary before being confronted with it!!

We, therefore, want to highlight how ALS Québec changes lives and helps reduce the pain faced with these ordeals.


First of all, one of the most powerful aspects of ALS Quebec is its emotional support. ALS Quebec offers emotional and practical support to those going through ALS and their loved ones. The organization's volunteers and professionals are trained to support families throughout their journey.

They provide a shoulder to cry on, attentive ears to listen to, and valuable advice for coping with the daily challenges of illness. In addition, ALS Quebec facilitates access to essential resources such as specialized medical equipment, home care and information on ongoing clinical trials. All of this helps relieve some of the emotional and logistical burden that often accompanies ALS.

Testimonial from our co-founder:

“For us, ALS Quebec was able to allow us to engrave in our memory unique and incredible memories with Diane, my mother-in-law. Towards the end of August, Diane shared with us her wish to leave us in mid-October. Diane was a proud, strong and dedicated woman. Being in too much muscular pain and due to the progressive loss of her autonomy and her ability to lead an independent life, she chose to leave with dignity.

Knowing that Christmas was her favourite season and that she wouldn't go there one last time, SLA Québec embarked on the crazy idea of having a family dream Christmas in October. Everyone pitched in. The guys went to cut down a tree on their majestic plot of land and decorated it, the girls cooked the traditional meal, the grandchildren decorated the house, and we all gathered around a beautiful large table like she knew how to do them so well.

We spent a total of 4 days together celebrating Christmas, eating, way too much eating, unwrapping presents, hugging and above all enjoying every moment. The magic touch to these 4 days was brought to us by ALS Québec! Their team came to decorate the entire exterior of the house, install snowflake projectors and hire a choir who sang the most beautiful Christmas classics for us. I get chills just thinking about it."

Thanks to all donations, ALS Quebec can offer the “Living the Present Moment” program, which aims to bring moments of joy and joy to families affected by ALS. Whether it's travelilng, attending a hockey game or organizing a big party, ALS Québec helps families turn a dream into reality.

ALS Quebec: A strong and necessary community

When someone is faced with ALS, it is natural to feel isolated and helpless in the face of this devastating disease. However, thanks to ALS Québec, those affected find an unprecedented support network. Regular meetings, support groups and events organized by the organization create a space where individuals can share their experiences, fears and hopes. This feeling of belonging to a community that truly understands what they are going through is invaluable and can make a significant difference in the process of healing and acceptance.

ALS Quebec also plays a crucial role in raising public awareness of ALS and funding research to find treatments and, ideally, a cure for this devastating disease. By increasing the visibility of ALS, the organization helps create increased understanding and empathy for those affected. In addition, through fundraising and research initiatives, ALS Québec directly contributes to scientific and medical progress aimed at improving the quality of life of people with ALS and finding a way to prevent and cure this disease.

In short, the ALS Québec organization is much more than a simple organization. It is a pillar of support, hope and compassion for those affected. We therefore invite you to contribute generously to the various fundraisers.

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