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The tea that can help save Amazon

It's been a while since we last told you about our favorite ingredient. It was while discussing a school project with a student that we realized that we had never presented to you the wonderful eco-responsible side of this energizing plant.

Indeed, using Guayusa opens the way to a more sustainable future for the tropical forest and its populations and we are quite proud of that! 🌱

But first, let us tell you a little history:

The naturally caffeinated Guayusa drink was originally discovered by the Kichwa tribe. Tasting this tea is part of a fundamental morning ritual of their culture. It is a drink of hospitality and welcome. Drinking Guayusa tea is primarily a social event. Every morning before sunrise, Kichwa families gather around a fire to drink and share their dreams, pass on their knowledge and tell anecdotes. The villagers, who call themselves Runa – which translates to “fully alive” – believe that drinking Guayusa tea awakens the body and provides time to reflect on dreams experienced the previous night. Drinking Guayusa tea is for them a moment of coming together to give purpose and objectives to their day.

At OOYA, we find it super inspiring! Take the time, together, to align and motivate each other while being connected to yourself. Moreover, it is this story that made us want to create a ready-to-drink drink that could be shared in any place and above all that would bring people together. After drinking our first Guayusa tea, the effect we felt immediately inspired us and made us want to share it. 💙

Not just tea 🌱

The sale of Guayusa leaves has created a new source of income for villagers (Kichwa), who are now paid to keep their forests intact, helping them resist pressure to sell their land to large multinationals. Guayusa suppliers source from approximately 3,000 farmers who care for more than a million trees.

At OOYA we decided to work with a responsible Guayusa supplier with whom we had an instant click. Their products are grown without deforestation, pesticides or harsh chemicals and promote agroforestry production systems, which means they significantly reduce rural poverty in Ecuador's Amazonian communities.

As the leading producer of the green Guayusa leaf and the world's largest supplier of this natural energy, our supplier has been at the forefront of sustainable Guayusa cultivation. “It’s more than just a tea company, it’s the people we support who have made our product what it is. » - Juan, founder

Working with over 100 indigenous Kichwa communities, their mission is simple; reinvigorate and share with the world the natural energy of the Guayusa, while preserving Pacha Mamma, the Amazon rainforest and participating in the cultural preservation of the Guayusa tradition. Their community is their priority, they make sure to implement training programs, offer 15% more than the fair price for workers and invest in local communities.

Only 💚 for Guayusa

You now understand why we fell in love with this leaf which is said to have magical powers. In addition to helping save our planet and its inspiring history, the Guayusa infusion has charmed us with its many health benefits and unique taste.

If you also want to try it, here is a promo code for free delivery : BLOG2422

Good tasting! Cheers

Mathilde and Charline

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