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Hello hello!

It’s us, Mathilde and Charline, two great friends, but also the founders who hide behind1st OOYA Infusions!



​People around us often wonder about "the why and the how" of our project on energy drinks and it's very simple: for several years, we have been big consumers of drinks energizing. You will tell us that there is already a wide variety of energy products available on the market. And yes, you are right.  


However, there was no product that 100% matched our tastes and values.  So we followed the proverb “You're never better served than yourself” and decided to create our own energy drink! 


After many months of trial, error and research, we are extremely excited to present our range of energy infusions which are a natural and healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. Our drinks offer a refreshing and refreshing experience. distinguished, without the harmful effects of artificial energy drinks, and we are very proud of that!


We hope that they will accompany you in all your adventures, your adventures and your craziest projects!




Math & Cha


This is not a hiding place for anyone, we are huge guayusa fans! It’s not complicated, for us, guayusa is a plant with super magical powers! Magical….it can be scary, but here’s why!


The guayusa plant is known to provide healthier energy. Indeed, it combines the benefits of natural drinks and the energy contribution of a drink high in caffeine (concentration, stimulation), while subtracting the harmful effects linked to it (palpitations, energy “crash”).  Isn’t that magical?? 





Natural sugar



Environmentally friendly



It is still little known in North America, however it has proven itself for a very long time in its country of origin: Ecuador.  

More than 2000 years ago, hunters from Amazonian tribes used it to stay awake for several days to track their prey. Now chewed or infused, this leaf is used daily at sunrise. An essential ritual to start the day off right. The stimulating and invigorating virtues of guayusa stimulate mental acuity and energize the metabolism.


All OOYA drinks are made with organic ingredients and organic guayusa grown by local Ecuadorian families. It is super important for us to offer quality products that respect our partners and the environment. 


For who ?


OOYA is a natural drink that allows ambitious people to propel their greatest ideas. Here we call them sideliners. OOYA was created for sideliners, by sideliners.


Sideliners Def. n.m. [sahyd][lahy][nuh] Person who, in addition to their busy schedule, adds a project to their schedule in order to make their passions flourish. » 


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