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Clean Label, why do consumers love it?

You may have already heard of the term "clean label" which is used more and more in the food industry. This means that a product is "clean" in terms of ingredients, meaning it's made from simple, natural things, with no artificial additives, colours or preservatives. Clean label products are often organic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

Why are we talking about it so much?

Well, quite simply because consumers are increasingly concerned about what they eat and want healthier and more environmentally friendly products. By buying clean label products, you know what you're eating, without needing a chemistry degree to decipher the list of ingredients. So it’s a way to better control what you put in your body.

In addition, clean label products often come from local and responsible production, which makes it possible to support small producers and have a more ecological approach by limiting transport and unnecessary packaging.

How to find clean label products?

Well, it’s getting easier and easier! Many brands offer clean label products and more and more supermarkets have dedicated sections. Don't hesitate to read the labels to check the ingredients and ask about the brands to know where the products come from. And if you have doubts, seek advice from nutrition professionals.

Besides, here are some of our favourites who share this market with us:

  1. Pretty Ugly products: Salsas made from vegetables saved from food waste and 100% fresh.

  2. Rebon crackers: Cereals from beer brewing are reused to make crackers. This 100% natural cereal material, rich in fibre and minerals, gives their little squares a unique taste and a pleasantly crunchy texture!

  3. Wise by Nature products: Unrefrigerated smoothie mix made from dried fruits with no added sugar.

  4. Fontaine Santé Foods: a company that offers vegetarian and organic products, such as hummus, salads, dips and smoothies.

  5. Dunham Brewery: a craft brewery that produces quality beers using local and organic ingredients.

  6. Miel Pur products: a company that produces raw and organic honey, as well as other beekeeping products such as propolis and pollen.

  7. Nutra-Fruit Products: a company that produces organic and natural cranberry products, such as juices, syrups and jams.

  8. Prana Products: A company that offers healthy, organic snacks, such as nuts, dried fruit, and trail mixes.

There are of course other Quebec brands and companies that meet the clean label criteria, but this list should help you start exploring the local options available.

Good research, Ciao!

- The OOYA team

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