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“Smartdrugs” generation?

And yes, it seems that we are currently in a Smart Drugs generation: a generation where students as well as professionals are constantly in search of performance. It is therefore increasingly popular for these people to resort to all kinds of stimulants and medications to help them achieve the performance expectations demanded by society.

Sometimes the stars need to be well aligned to be productive and focused. Except that more often than not it can take a long time...So it's important to find things (other than medication hehe), so as not to procrastinate all day.

At OOYA, health is very very very important, so we have found the 10 best tips for you to ensure a productive day naturally!

1. Make lists

Making a To-do list is the key to organization. Indeed, it allows you to know what you need to do and see what you have done. There's nothing more satisfying than crossing off a task and shouting, "DONE BABY!" » There are also several places where you can write your to-do lists. You can write on Post-its, a notebook, a whiteboard, an Excel spreadsheet or a specialized application for lists. We think of Slack for example. Let's make a statement here: add things to the list we made just to be able to cross them off, it's okkkkk!!! It feels much better. 😉

2. Set deadlines

Setting deadlines allows you to stay organized and know where you're going! No more forgetting. You will be less stressed and much less in your head. A good way to accomplish what we need to do.

3. Listen to a concentration playlist

Music is magical. So magical that certain songs keep us focused. To make your life easier, we have created a playlist made especially for being productive. Two hours of pure concentration , you're welcome!

4. Go to study or work away from home

To stay focused and be more productive, going somewhere other than home is a good solution. This helps create a new working atmosphere. So, cafes, small restaurants, bookstores or coworking spaces are perfect for motivating you!

Here is a list of cafes to study in (psssst they have Ooya in their fridges too!)

5. Bye bye cellular

Goodbye notifications and social networks when you want to be productive. The cell phone is a real distraction from moving forward with what needs to be done. Our trick: put the cell phone or other electronic objects in another room. This way, it’s less tempting to see what’s happening on social media!

6. Create an atmosphere

Nothing better than getting into a good mood. Light candles, and incense, and listen to music that stimulates you. Do everything you can to help yourself stay focused.

Psssst, we're loving the moonday candles!

7. Meditate

Taking breaks to recharge your batteries and regain your composure is essential when you want to stay focused. This allows us to reset our brains. Meditation is a good way. Just a few minutes can allow you to relax so that you are ready to return to work effectively.

8. Have snacks

Eating is super important for having good concentration. Eating your 3 meals and adding a few healthy snacks during the day fuel the brain and give you energy. Here, we love the bulk snacks from Basta!

9. Go outside

Go get some fresh air for a few minutes a day. This allows you to take your mind off things and oxygenate the brain to see more clearly during the next few hours of work. Plus, who doesn't love enjoying the good weather?

10. Of course, drink OOYA

Finally, the most important ingredient is of course our famous OOYA natural drinks. Perfectly dosed, they provide incredible concentration. No crash, no palpitations, but very energizing! Did you know? The Guayusa leaf, used to make the infusion that is the basis of our energy drinks, contains L-theanine. It is an amino acid that has a highly relaxing effect, without causing drowsiness. This molecule, when ingested, helps reduce stress and excitement caused by caffeine consumption. It improves concentration and attention.


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