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Tired of the metro, work, sleep?

You love knitting, motorcycling or cycling and you would like to make a living from this passion. Well...what are you waiting for? Nothing stops you from achieving your goals and achieving your ambitions. All you need to do is get started. OOYA is a good example. The company was started by sideliners for sideliners. A sideline project that is flourishing day by day and of which we are proud. However, it is important to understand that a sideline is not always something instantaneous. More often than anything else, it happens gradually.

We present to you 3 steps to start your sideline!

Step 1: Pinpoint what turns you on

Before starting a project where you will put a lot of hours into it, it's important to know what you like. We often say passion, but it can be close to your heart or linked to your values. So, it will be natural for you to want to put a lot of energy into making everything happen. To do this, you can write on a sheet of paper what you would like to do with this sideline, your objectives, and your mission.

For example :

“I would like to make people smile. »

“I would like to create an ecological and eco-responsible product. »

“I want to make ends meet. »

“I always dreamed of creating my _______ team.”

From these objectives, it will be easier to position yourself and begin your research. In addition, you will know concretely why you are taking on this project. Also ask for the opinion of your loved ones, friends and work colleagues. It's always interesting to have a different point of view than yours.

Step 2: Launch your project gradually

It's important to start your sideline gradually. The reason is simple: adaptation and peace of mind. Our thing is to keep our job and start this project on the side. You will be able to see if you like this project and if the flame is growing day by day. There's no rush, it's important to start on the right foot. This can prepare you mentally to perhaps eventually leave your job to do this project full-time.

Additionally, surround yourself with people who can help you with this project. Always relevant to have good references.

Step 3: Full throttle

Now that your sideline has been on the market for a while, everything is going well and you're so excited, it's time to make the most of it! Nothing is more important than doing what you love. It’s so rewarding and rewarding. We won't hide from you that it won't always be easy, but sometimes it's worth taking the plunge. Be ambitious, be yourself and enjoy! It's all that matters.

* Important to know that you can always keep your job and your sideline if it suits you best! Nothing stops you from doing what your instinct tells you. You dooya!


Our two founders had a sideline for over 2 years before going into business full-time. Indeed in 2019, Charline and Mathilde started hoca-co , a small glasses cord company which helped them learn the art of business.

In the evenings and weekends, they met to make glass cords by hand. A great adventure that allowed them to fall in love with entrepreneurship and learn to work together.

In short, we can't wait to see your projects flourish! We are young, passionate people who love seeing what's new on the market. Don’t hesitate to tag us @ooyainfusions on your social networks!


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