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History behind the name “OOYA”

The questions we're most often asked when talking about our company are "Why OOYA?", or "What does OOYA mean?". In short, our name seems to create confusion for many 😂

The answer to these questions is so simple and goes hand in hand with the story of how the company was founded. We met in university, and for those who have experienced midterms and finals, you know how essential coffee or energy drinks are to survive. In many cases, it was for us! We were both huge consumers of energy drinks, but we were never satisfied with the options available on the market. One was too sweet, the other not sparkling enough, the other too intense… In short, neither alternative was perfect for us and our needs.

So one day, in the middle of the pandemic, we said to ourselves: “Why not create an energy drink that meets our tastes and our needs?” And boom, we launched a business.

Finding the perfect name for our infusions was not an easy task. We brainstormed dozens and dozens of different names for several weeks before landing on OOYA.

Why OOYA? For us, OOYA is an expression that expresses enthusiasm when carrying out a project. Similar to WOUHOU or YAY, but even stronger. For example, you have just finished an assignment that only counts for 5% of your final grade, but which took 35 hours to complete, when you click on the submit button, you shout “OOYA! Finally, I'm done!” The name OOYA is more than just a word to describe our products. It transmits a feeling, a strong emotion of accomplishment and the outcome of an important project.

Our wish is that OOYA supports you in all your craziest projects and allows you to realize your biggest dreams, however ambitious they may be! With an OOYA in hand, you won't miss the energy!

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