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How to get ready for the festival season!

Ahh festivals are fun, right? Spend time outside, see beautiful exhibitions, hear your favorite artists perform; all surrounded by beautiful people… What could be better? As you know, at OOYA, we love the festival season! That's why we've prepared a list of things to do before and during a festival to have the best experience possible! 🎉

Have a good rest

A festival can be very demanding, both physically and psychologically. So it's super important to take the time to rest so you arrive with as much energy as possible and can enjoy it to the fullest! Psst, if you're sleep-deprived, take an OOYA ;)

Look at the rules and instructions in advance

To have the best possible experience, it's important to familiarize yourself with the festival rules before you go. That way, you won't have any unwanted surprises when you arrive on site.

Get to know the site

At the biggest festivals, the cellular network often fails to connect, making communication with your friends much more complicated. By looking at the map before you get to the festival, you can already give yourself meeting points, see where security is, where the clinic is, and so on.

Prepare your itinerary

Study the festival program and make a plan for the artists you and your friends most want to see. Note down the times and stages where they'll be performing, so you won't miss your favourite performances!

Dress comfortably

We all know that, as the years go by, festivals become a great opportunity to show off your best outfit. It's always fun when you like what you're wearing, but at events like these, comfort is extremely important. Festivals can last for hours or even days. So you'll be on your feet, walking a lot and potentially in a big crowd. By choosing comfortable clothes, you'll reduce fatigue and be able to enjoy the event without being bothered by uncomfortable outfits. Dress comfortably to enjoy the music, the activities and the day!

Prepare your backpack

Your backpack will quickly become your BFF during the festival, so make sure you pack the essentials in it. For example, an empty water bottle, a rechargeable phone battery, sunscreen, and sunglasses are important items to have. We also recommend bringing a small bag that won't take up too much space in the crowd!

Get ready to have fun

Finally, remember that the festival is an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the experience. Get ready to meet new people, experience live music, immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, and create unforgettable memories!

Where to find us this summer?

1. FEQ

The OOYA team will be present in certain IGAs in Quebec City during the FEQ !!

You will have the chance to taste our four flavors in addition to meeting our wonderful team behind the OOYA company.

Friday, July 7


- IGA des Sources Galerie Charlebourg (4250 1re Av., Quebec, QC G1H 2S5)

- IGA extra Les Saules (5005 Bd de l'Ormière, Quebec, QC G1P 1K6)


- IGA extra Lebourgneuf (5555 Bd des Gradins, Quebec, QC G2J 1C8)

- IGA extra Convivio (2295 Av. Chauveau, Quebec, QC G2C 0G7)

Saturday, July 8


IGA extra Convivio (561 Rue Racine, Quebec, QC G2B 1G3)

IGA extra Convivio (1819 Av. Industrielle, Quebec, QC G3K 1L8)

Thursday, July 13


IGA des Sources Beauport (969 Av. Nordique, Quebec, QC G1C 7S8)

Friday, July 14


IGA Poulin (1035 Bd Wilfrid-Hamel, Quebec, QC G1M 2R7)

IGA extra La Coop des Consommateurs de Charlesbourg (1233 Boul. Louis-XIV, Quebec, QC G2L 1L9)

Come see us!


This year, we are an OFFICIAL partner of the Festif!!!!! It's THE favorite festival of our whole gang and we will be there for its entire duration! On the menu: lots of fun, memories, and good music!


We are (also hihi) an official partner of this festival :) It's THE outdoor festival that you and your friends won't want to miss! If you want to live a magical and unique experience in the heart of nature, don't wait any longer to book your tickets.

The OOYA team will also be there to show you the products on site and keep you awake until the early hours of the night ;)

Address: The main site is located at 3291 rue La Fontaine, in Lac-Mégantic!

We'll see each other there ?

Happy festival ;-)

-The OOYA team

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