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It’s back to school time baby!!!

We don't know about you, but back to school has always been a very exciting time of year for us.

It's a mixture of nostalgia for the summer that has just passed, excitement of meeting up with friends and the adrenaline of school projects starting again!

One thing is clear, it's the best time to find motivation tools to face the start of the school year!

Here are some that we have found for you

1. No time to fool around, protect your new computer.

You'll be disappointed if you drop it without protection!

There are several companies that make computer protectors, but those from Baggu are super colourful, different and so stylish!

2. A tote bag!

We must admit that we have a bias, but our tote bag is too perfect: two sizes of straps, a small button to close the opening of the bag and an interior pocket.

3. Organize your time efficiently!

Use a daily planner, and you'll see, that it's easier to organize yourself when you see an overall picture of your week at the same time.

4. High-performance earphone

If you don't want to be distracted while you study by the person next to you playing with their mechanical pencil or chewing their bubble gum too enthusiastically, this is what you need! You're going to stumble!

5. Reusable water bottle: no more plastic and dehydration

And yes, we've been telling you this since elementary school, but it's super important to stay hydrated. You should drink on average 2.2L to 3L per day.

6. Motamo workbook

The perfect workbook. There are blank pages and lined pages, this allows you to take notes in an organized way and on the other hand let yourself be creative!

7. Stock up on organic energy, a step not to be neglected!

For your days when you need to be more creative, attentive, attentive and alert, add an energizing OOYA infusion to your lunch box! You'll thank us later!

8. A good music playlist to keep you motivated to study!

9. A motivational journal!

The concept is super simple, it's about finding what really motivates you and then you develop working methods, you learn to create habits, a dynamic of doing things differently, to overcome obstacles and to finish what you are doing!

Ps you will have to practice your English because the book is unfortunately not available in French... We apologize!

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