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Our high energy moments in 2023

The new year begins, but we cannot forget the one that has just ended. 2023 was high in energy and we had the chance to have lots of new experiences. From events to the creation of new products, we didn't stop the machine for a second. We present to you our “highlights” of the year! 🎉

Some notable events!

We started the year strong with our presence at the Expo Manger Santé food show in Quebec and Montreal! These annual events, lasting three days, allowed us to present our brand-new flavours to you. Speaking of trade shows, we were also present, as suppliers, at our very first Sobeys RDV Québec trade show!

With the beautiful winter weather, we had the chance to be present in numerous sporting events such as our visit to Mont-Édouard with Orage and Oberson, the 24-hour snow sports challenge, Ski ta vie, at Mont-Orford. and a Bro Challenge ski and snowboard jam. In short, we can say that our athletes were quite well energized to give their maximum. ❄️

We couldn't miss the festival season! We are very fortunate to have met festival-goers from Festival Halte and Le Festif to celebrate together. ☀️

The new members of the OOYA family

It's in March that we've revealed not one, but TWO new flavours! Indeed, Peach Kiwi without sugar and the Original without sugar are arriving first. The new products don't stop there... We offer you Pomme Litchi, our new limited edition to bring comfort to your fall. Finally, our brand new flavour, also in limited edition, Frozen Berries arrives just in time for your winter activities.

We can say that we put the pedal to the metal this year to offer you some new features!

OOYA is in the house

The year 2023 started strong with a nomination as a finalist for two awards at the DUX Eat Better Grands Prix Gala and we are very happy to have won the Taste award in the Food Products - Beverages category! Enough to start the year off on the right foot.

OOYA was in the spotlight for a day during our appearance on the show In the Eye of the Dragon. We had the chance to present our products to the dragons and we even managed to get an offer.

Here is our year 2023 summarized in a few lines. We must thank you for your encouragement and we can't wait to see what 2024 has in store for us! 🤩

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